"The house fits us so well.  It is a hard thing to explain, but it is the rare sense I get when I am in a space that is so light and thoughtful that it seems to brighten and engage me in the best way."  --Joe G.

“We have truly enjoyed working with you from the start, and appreciate not only the excellent, detailed designs you've provided, but even more so the creativity and flexibility to help us come up with exactly what we wanted.”  --David M.  

"The remodel has changed our lives!  Our new bathroom is wonderful.  It's an amazing transformation for us.  We feel amazing.  Thank you for being so thoughtful and patient with us during our first remodel."  --Margaret A.


"I've learned to let you create what you envision because it always works out better than anything I might be thinking!"  --Jean L.


"The kitchen (and the upstairs, for that matter) are still rocking our world.  I can't describe how much nicer it is now to use those spaces."  --Mark E.

"There is a consistent clean, spare elegance to your work...the exterior blends perfectly with the original."  --Jim S.

"We appreciate the great design and responsiveness."  --Brent H.


"You make everything so painless!"  --Maya P.